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European Journal of Gynaecological Oncology (EJGO) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal. EJGO publishes on a broad range of gynaecologic oncology topics. Different types of articles are considered for publication (see Aims & Scope) with emphasis on original research to include prospective clinical trials, basic and applied science, case-control, and cohort studies. We also encouraged the submission of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.


Open Access

Epithelial IL-8 immunostaining associated with overall survival in ovarian cancer

Marilha B. M. Neves,Letícia M. M. C. Scofoni,Agrimaldo Martins-Filho,Millena P. Jammal,Renata M. Etchebehere,Eddie F. C. Murta,Rosekeila S. Nomelini

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2024.003

Abstract ( 407 ) PDF (17.08 MB) ( 136 )

Open Access

Enhanced recovery after single-site robotic staging surgery of endometrial cancer

Sang Hyun Cho,Seong Eun Bak,Bo Ram Choi,Keun Ho Lee

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2024.005

Abstract ( 411 ) PDF (2.76 MB) ( 120 )

Open Access

Comparison of biopsy results between two groups of cytology-negative HPV 16/18 and other types of high-risk HPV positive patients

Fateme Sadat Najib,Marzieh Hashemi,Seyed Mohammad Amin Alavi,Zahra Shiravani,Mojgan Akbarzadeh Jahromi,Seyedeh Marjan Hosseini

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2024.008

Abstract ( 362 ) PDF (298.82 kB) ( 132 )

Open Access

The role of intraoperative consultation in the management of ovarian masses and endometrial carcinomas: a 7-year experience

Nurhan Sahin,Busra Cosanay Tekden,Ganime Coban,Gurkan Kiran,Dilek Sema Arici,Ozlem Toluk,Zuhal Gucin

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2024.011

Abstract ( 394 ) PDF (311.15 kB) ( 127 )

Open Access

Comparison between robotic and laparoscopic surgery in women over 65 years old with gynecological malignancies

Myriam Gracia Segovia,Miguel Ángel Herraiz,Javier García-Santos,Mar Ramírez,Mónica Bellón,Pluvio Coronado

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2024.013

Abstract ( 388 ) PDF (304.66 kB) ( 145 )

Open Access

Evaluation of colposcopy and LEEP results performed in gynecology and gynecological oncology surgery services

Fatih Şahin,Emine Aydın,Emine Ufuk Büyükkaya Öcal,Savaş Özdemir,Ali Murat Kasapoğlu,Özgür Akbayır

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2023.071

Abstract ( 892 ) PDF (8.21 MB) ( 164 )

Open Access

Renal calyceal rupture with extensive urinoma formation as a complication of cervical cancer

Sehrish Sardar,Ashley Hickman,Andrea E. Wahner Hendrickson

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2024.019

Abstract ( 373 ) PDF (11.18 MB) ( 124 )

Open Access

Evaluation of AI-assisted colposcopy for detecting high-risk subtypes of human papillomavirus in CIN2

Takayuki Takahashi,Hikaru Matsuoka,Yusuke Kobayashi,Takashi Iwata,Kouji Banno,Wataru Yamagami,Gen Tamiya

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2024.020

Abstract ( 380 ) PDF (936.98 kB) ( 127 )

Published Ahead of Print

Open Access

Breast cancer screening outcomes and risk assessment among women of Abha city, Saudi Arabia

Hayfa A. AlHefdhi,Asma Saad Habbash,Safar Abadi Al-Saleem,Fatima Riaz,Syed Esam Mahmood,Amal A. AlHefdhi,Saad Abdullah Al Hatim,Abdullah Ali Alqahtani,Naif Shalan Alalyani,Saeed Abdullah Alahmari,Fahad Juwayid Alqahtani,Rawan Hassan Alshehri

Online publish date: 12 January 2024

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2024.001

Abstract ( 716 ) PDF (2.63 MB) ( 136 )

Open Access

Does coexistence of endometrial cancer and adenomyosis affect survival outcomes? A retrospective cohort study

Latife Gözde Buyuksahin,Mujde Can Ibanoglu,Azize Cemre Ozturk,Vakkas Korkmaz,Sadiman Kiykac Altinbas,Yaprak Engin-Ustun

Online publish date: 26 December 2023

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2023.112

Abstract ( 604 ) PDF (320.93 kB) ( 116 )

Open Access

Identification of a 3-cuproptosis-associated-lncRNA-signature that predicts the prognosis of endometrial cancer patients

Tianyi Liu,Xinyu Wang,Manyu Li,Tianyu Zhu,Cheng Qiu,Chuhan He,Lanyu Li,Jinfeng Qu

Online publish date: 12 October 2023

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2023.073

Abstract ( 1024 ) PDF (25.23 MB) ( 162 )

Open Access

Identification of an immune-related metabolic gene signature to predict possible prognosis in endometrial cancer and reveals immune landscape feature

Yuemei Cheng,Pingyuan Yu,Xiaolei Liang,Yongxiu Yang

Online publish date: 15 September 2023

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2023.072

Abstract ( 778 ) PDF (7.46 MB) ( 164 )

Open Access

Vulvar cancer in young woman—case report

Miloš Pantelić,Branislava Baturan,Marko Stojić,Ljiljana Mladenović-Segedi,Milana Panjković,Anita Krsman

Online publish date: 07 September 2023

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2023.070

Abstract ( 919 ) PDF (1.53 MB) ( 169 )

Open Access

Prognostic value of Ki-67 in patients with ovarian cancer

Su Wan,Chang Su,Yong Wang,Jin Ding,Qingya Jiang,Huafeng Ding,Guantai Ni

Online publish date: 24 July 2023

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2023.051

Abstract ( 954 ) PDF (3.63 MB) ( 182 )

Special Issues

Special issue title:

Topic Collection "Current Novel Treatment of Patients with Ovarian Cancer"

Keywords: Ovarian Cancer, Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, Optimal Debulking Surgery, Chemotherapy HIPEC, Platinum-resistant Ovarian Cancer, Anti-angiogenesis, PARP Inhibitors

Editor: Samir A. Farghaly, MD, PhD,Scott M. Eisenkop, MD

Submission deadline: 31 December 2022

Special issue title:

Breast Cancer

Keywords: Breast cancer;Systemic treatment;Adjuvant setting;Metastatic setting;Genetic councelling;Triple negative breast cancer;Her2+ Breast cancer;Endocrine treatment

Editor: Michael Friedrich, MD,Nicolò Bertozzi, MD

Submission deadline: 30 April 2022

Special issue title:

Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis in Gynaecological Oncology

Keywords: Cervical cancer;Ovarian cancer;Uterine/endometrial cancer;Vulvar cancer;Vaginal cancer;Breast cancer;Gestational trophoblastic disease;Primary peritoneal cancer

Editor: Enrique Hernandez, MD

Submission deadline: 25 April 2022

Special issue title:

Current Update in the Treatment of Cervical Cancer

Keywords: Radical hysterectomy; Fertility Sparing; Oncological Outcomes

Editor: Carlo Ronsini, MD

Submission deadline: 31 December 2024

Special issue title:

Gynecological Cancer Prevention: A New Prospective

Keywords: Gynecology; Obstetric and Gynecological Ultrasound; Menopause Obstetrics; Gynecologic Oncology; Gynecologic Pathology

Editor: Ottavia Dʼoria, MD

Submission deadline: 31 October 2023

Special issue title:

Molecular Pathological Approach to Uterine Mesenchymal Tumors and Malignant Tumors for the Establishment of New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods

Keywords: Leiomyoma; Leiomyosarcoma; Ovarian cancer; Cervical cancer; Endometrial cancer

Editor: Prof. Takuma Hayashi

Submission deadline: 31 October 2023

Special issue title:

Molecular Characterization in Endometrial Cancer: Progress and Prospects

Keywords: Endometrial Cancer (EC); Molecular Biomarkers; Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor; Precision Medicine

Editor: Andrea Giannini, MD, PhD

Submission deadline: 31 December 2022

Special issue title:

Immunotherapy for Gynecological Oncology

Keywords: Cancer immunotherapy;Cancer vaccination;Immune checkpoint inhibitor;Ovarian cancer;Cervical cancer;Endometrial cancer

Editor: Tadahiro Shoji, MD

Submission deadline: 31 July 2021

Special issue title:

Enhanced Recovery of Gynecological Oncology

Keywords: Gynecological Cancer; Enhanced Recovery After Surgery; Minimally Invasive Surgery; Pain Management; Nutritional Support; High Quality Nursing; Psychological Counseling; Complication Management

Editor: Lin Li, MD

Submission deadline: 31 December 2022

Special issue title:

Molecular Markers in Ovarian Cancer: Roles in Diagnosis, Prognostic Prediction, and Personalized Therapy

Keywords: Ovarian Cancer;Diagnosis;Prognosis;Treatment Response;Personalized Therapy;Platinum Resistance;Homologous Recombination Deficiency;Immunotherapy;Cytoreduction;Proteomics;Genomics;Prognostic Biomarkers;Diagnostic Biomarkers

Editor: Sharad Ghamande, MD,David Mysona, MD

Submission deadline: 30 March 2022

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Prof. Enrique Hernandez, MD, FACOG, FACS.

Dr. Hernandez is the J. Robert Willson Professor and Chair, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences of Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. He is also a professor in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. He specializes in comprehensive, compassionate care of women with gynecologic cancer and pre-cancerous conditions, using the most up-to-date and sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tools.