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Advances in Ovarian Cancer Research

Keywords: Ovarian cancer; Cytoreductive surgery; Recurrent ovarian cancer; Retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy; Women cancer global variation

Editor: Basel Refky, MD

31 July 2025

Current Update in the Treatment of Cervical Cancer

Keywords: Radical hysterectomy; Fertility Sparing; Oncological Outcomes

Editor: Carlo Ronsini, MD

31 December 2024

Gynecological Cancer Prevention: A New Prospective

Keywords: Gynecology; Obstetric and Gynecological Ultrasound; Menopause Obstetrics; Gynecologic Oncology; Gynecologic Pathology

Editor: Ottavia Dʼoria, MD

31 October 2023

Molecular Pathological Approach to Uterine Mesenchymal Tumors and Malignant Tumors for the Establishment of New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods

Keywords: Leiomyoma; Leiomyosarcoma; Ovarian cancer; Cervical cancer; Endometrial cancer

Editor: Prof. Takuma Hayashi

31 October 2023

Targeted Therapies for Gynaecological Cancers

Keywords: Targeted Therapy;Ovarian Cancer;Endometrial Cancer;Cervical Cancer

Editor: Jacek R. Wilczynski, MD

01 October 2020

Update on Cervical Cancer Prevention and Screening

Keywords: Cervical cencer screening;HPV-vaccine;Cervical dysplasias

Editor: Tiziano Maggino, MD, PhD,Vasilios Pergialiotis, MD

31 March 2021

BRCA and Ovarian Cancer

Keywords: BRCA 1-2 mutation;Ovarian cancer;Prophylactic surgery;Reproductive medicine;Hormonal treatment

Editor: Gennaro Cormio, MD

30 April 2021

Immunology in Gynecological Cancer

Keywords: Gynecological cancer;Immunology;Tumor microenvironment;Cytokines;Peritumoral stroma;Immune response

Editor: Eddie Fernando Candido Murta, MD,Rosekeila Simõs Nomelini, MD,Millena Prata Jammal, MD,Agrimaldo Martins Filho, MD,Cid Almeida de Lima, MD

31 May 2021

The Role of Biomarker in Gynecological Oncology

Keywords: Ovarian cancer;Endometrial cancer;Cervical cancer;Tumor markers;Follow up;Prognosis;Target therapy

Editor: Francesco Plotti, MD, PhD

30 June 2021

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy to Gynaecological Oncology

Keywords: Gynecologic cancer;Hysteroscopy;Cancer prevention;Early diagnosis;Cancer screening;Pre-operative cancer workup

Editor: Christos Iavazzo, MD,Victoria Psomiadou, MD,Anastasia Prodromidou, MD,Alexandros Fotiou, MD

30 June 2021

Immunotherapy for Gynecological Oncology

Keywords: Cancer immunotherapy;Cancer vaccination;Immune checkpoint inhibitor;Ovarian cancer;Cervical cancer;Endometrial cancer

Editor: Tadahiro Shoji, MD

31 July 2021

Radiotherapy for Gynecological Oncology

Keywords: Radiotherapy;Gynecological oncology

Editor: Cem Onal, MD

30 September 2021

Surgery for Gynecological Cancer: Current Evidences and Perspectives

Keywords: Surgery;Gynecological cancer;Surgical indications;Perioperative care

Editor: Federico Ferrari, PhD

31 December 2021

Rare Gynecological Malignancies

Keywords: Rare cancers;Ovarian cancer;Cervical cancer;Endometrial cancer;Biomarkers

Editor: Aristotelis Bamias, MD,Michalis Liontos, MD, PhD

31 December 2021

Endometrial Cancer

Keywords: Endometrial cancer;Medical treatment;Risk factors

Editor: Fabio Landoni, MD,Torres Lobaton, MD

31 January 2022

Gynecological Oncology Treatment: Recent Progress in Clinical Modalities

Keywords: Cervical Cancer;Endometrial Cancer;Ovarian Cancer;Oncology Panel;Molecular Classification;Hereditary Gynecological Cancer;Minimally Invasive Therapy;Robotic Surgery;Hysteroscopy;Artificial Intelligence Technology

Editor: Osamu Hiraike, MD, PhD,Kenbun Sone, PhD

28 February 2022

Selected Papers from the 2021 AGOA Society

Keywords: Gynecology Oncology;Endometrial Cancer;Ovarian Cancer;Vulvar Cancer;Breast Cancer;Aragón

Editor: Laura Baquedano Mainar, MD

15 March 2022

Molecular Markers in Ovarian Cancer: Roles in Diagnosis, Prognostic Prediction, and Personalized Therapy

Keywords: Ovarian Cancer;Diagnosis;Prognosis;Treatment Response;Personalized Therapy;Platinum Resistance;Homologous Recombination Deficiency;Immunotherapy;Cytoreduction;Proteomics;Genomics;Prognostic Biomarkers;Diagnostic Biomarkers

Editor: Sharad Ghamande, MD,David Mysona, MD

30 March 2022

Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis in Gynaecological Oncology

Keywords: Cervical cancer;Ovarian cancer;Uterine/endometrial cancer;Vulvar cancer;Vaginal cancer;Breast cancer;Gestational trophoblastic disease;Primary peritoneal cancer

Editor: Enrique Hernandez, MD

25 April 2022

Radical Surgery in Ovarian Cancer

Keywords: Ovarian cancer;Cytoreduction;Aggressive surgical techniques;Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy;Lymphadenectomy;Splenectomy;Diaphragm resection

Editor: Paul M. Magtibay, MD

30 April 2022

Breast Cancer

Keywords: Breast cancer;Systemic treatment;Adjuvant setting;Metastatic setting;Genetic councelling;Triple negative breast cancer;Her2+ Breast cancer;Endocrine treatment

Editor: Michael Friedrich, MD,Nicolò Bertozzi, MD

30 April 2022

COVID‐19 Pandemic Impact on Gynaecological Cancers

Keywords: Gynaecological Cancers;COVID-19 Pandemic;Ovarian Cancer;Endometrial Cancer;Cervical Cancer;Breast Cancer;Radiotherapy;Chemotherapy;Surgery;Toxicity

Editor: Giuseppe Carlo Iorio, MD

31 May 2022

Minimally Invasive Surgery in Gynecologic Oncology

Keywords: Minimally invasive surgery;Uterine cancer;Cervical cancer;Ovarian cancer;Comparative effectiveness;Overall survival

Editor: James Stuart Ferriss, MD

30 June 2022

Cervical Cancer and Novel Interventions

Keywords: cervical cancer;novel treatment and prevention strategies;predictive biomarkers

Editor: Yvonne G. Lin, MD, MSc,Ritu Salani, MD, MBA,Megan Swanson, MD, MPH

15 September 2022

Gynaecological Oncology: Challenges for the 21st Century

Keywords: next-generation sequencing (NGS);massive parallel sequencing;bioinformatics;human papilloma virus (HPV);oncoviruses;vaccination;targeted therapy;precision oncology;endocrine disruptors;pollution

Editor: Luca Roncati, MD

31 October 2022

Topic Collection "Current Novel Treatment of Patients with Ovarian Cancer"

Keywords: Ovarian Cancer, Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, Optimal Debulking Surgery, Chemotherapy HIPEC, Platinum-resistant Ovarian Cancer, Anti-angiogenesis, PARP Inhibitors

Editor: Samir A. Farghaly, MD, PhD,Scott M. Eisenkop, MD

31 December 2022

Enhanced Recovery of Gynecological Oncology

Keywords: Gynecological Cancer; Enhanced Recovery After Surgery; Minimally Invasive Surgery; Pain Management; Nutritional Support; High Quality Nursing; Psychological Counseling; Complication Management

Editor: Lin Li, MD

31 December 2022

Molecular Characterization in Endometrial Cancer: Progress and Prospects

Keywords: Endometrial Cancer (EC); Molecular Biomarkers; Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor; Precision Medicine

Editor: Andrea Giannini, MD, PhD

31 December 2022

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