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European Journal of Gynaecological Oncology (EJGO) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal. EJGO publishes on a broad range of gynaecologic oncology topics. Different types of articles are considered for publication (see Aims & Scope) with emphasis on original research to include prospective clinical trials, basic and applied science, case-control, and cohort studies. We also encouraged the submission of systematic reviews and meta-analyses.


Open Access

Vulvar lichen sclerosus oncologic risk: italian interdisciplinary Society of Vulvology (SIIV) Position Paper

Monica Corazza,Camilla Salvini,Angelina De Magnis,Pina Belfiore,Carmine Carriero,Stefano Crippa,Luciano Mariani,Leonardo Micheletti,Eleonora P Preti,Gianluigi Radici,Gianluigi Taddei,Giulio Tosti,Annarosa Virgili,Mario Preti

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.006

Abstract ( 305 ) PDF (269.06 kB) ( 142 )

Open Access Special Issue

Circulating tumor cells in metastatic breast cancer: ready for clinical practice?

Laura Brus,Donata Grimm-Glang,Natalia Krawczyk,Tanja Fehm,Achim Rody,Peter Paluchowski,Maggie Banys-Paluchowski

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.007

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Breast Cancer)

Abstract ( 346 ) PDF (296.28 kB) ( 115 )

Open Access Special Issue

Surgical management in the pelvis for patients with advanced ovarian cancer

Andrea Giannini,Kristina A. Butler

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.003

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Radical Surgery in Ovarian Cancer)

Abstract ( 685 ) PDF (994.59 kB) ( 150 )

Open Access Special Issue

Germline multigene panel testing in gynecological cancer

Sayaka Ueno,Akira Hirasawa

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.008

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Gynecological Oncology Treatment: Recent Progress in Clinical Modalities)

Abstract ( 324 ) PDF (348.74 kB) ( 114 )

Open Access Special Issue

Management of nodal disease in advanced-stage ovarian cancer: porta hepatis, celiac, pelvic and paraaortic lymphadenectomy

Cagatay Taskiran,Burak Giray,Dogan Vatansever,Orhan Bilge

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.009

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Radical Surgery in Ovarian Cancer)

Abstract ( 336 ) PDF (1.32 MB) ( 126 )

Open Access Special Issue

Diaphragmatic resection and liver mobilization during surgery for advanced ovarian cancer

Andrea Giannini,Staci E. Beamer,Kristina A. Butler,Javier Magrina

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.011

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Radical Surgery in Ovarian Cancer)

Abstract ( 277 ) PDF (1.76 MB) ( 125 )

Open Access Special Issue

Advances of exosomes in the cervical cancer

Li-Na Ke,Xiao-Qiong Tian,Ling-Qi Kong,Qin-Hua Chen,Peng Li,Hong-Mei Wang,Xiao-Hua Zeng

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.012

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Cervical Cancer and Novel Interventions)

Abstract ( 292 ) PDF (283.56 kB) ( 135 )

Open Access Special Issue

Inquiry and Endometrial-Online computer program: 27 years of clinical registry for endometrial cancer at the University Medical Centre Maribor

Vida Gavrić Lovrec,Monika Sobočan,Darja Arko,Iztok Takač

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.001

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Endometrial Cancer)

Abstract ( 669 ) PDF (6.38 MB) ( 141 )

Open Access Special Issue

Systemic therapy is effective in the management of leiomyomatosis

Alannah Smrke,Alexandra Ostler,Siraj Yusuf,Aisha B Miah,Khin Thway,Cyril Fisher,Desmond Barton,Alexander Lyon,Ian Judson,Paul H Huang,Robin L Jones,Charlotte Benson

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.013

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Rare Gynecological Malignancies)

Abstract ( 302 ) PDF (712.72 kB) ( 120 )

Open Access Special Issue

Short and long-term outcomes of endometrial cancer and atypical endometrial hyperplasia management in young women

Monika Sobočan,Dorotea Gašpar,Darja Arko,Jure Knez

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.004

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Endometrial Cancer)

Abstract ( 623 ) PDF (304.5 kB) ( 153 )

Open Access Special Issue

Association of anemia and neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio with overall survival in breast cancer patients

Rafael de Carvalho da Silva,Raphael Elias Ferreira,Tatiana Castrillon Guaresqui,Lúcia Marina Scatena,Beatriz Martins Tavares-Murta,Eddie Fernando Candido Murta,Rosekeila Simões Nomelini

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.014

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Prognosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer)

Abstract ( 286 ) PDF (512.03 kB) ( 128 )

Open Access Special Issue

Improving the mortality index among gynecologic oncology patients

Jolyn Taylor,Jennifer Miller,Edith Ballard,Corrine Byrd,Anita Holloway,Arletta Smith,Anne K. Park,Larissa A. Meyer,Karen H. Lu,Kathleen M. Schmeler

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.015

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Gynaecological Oncology: Challenges for the 21st Century)

Abstract ( 282 ) PDF (1.73 MB) ( 150 )

Open Access

Tumour mutational burden and immune-cell infiltration in cervical squamous cell carcinoma

Shanquan Yan,Dan Liu,Xitong Yang,Guangming Wang

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.016

Abstract ( 281 ) PDF (25.6 MB) ( 156 )

Open Access Special Issue

Clinical and pathological examination of 11 cases of ovarian seromucinous tumor at our institute

Takao Yamamoto,Kenbun Sone,Ayumi Taguchi,Masako Ikemura,Harunori Honjoh,Akira Nishijima,Satoko Eguchi,Yuichiro Miyamoto,Michihiro Tanikawa,Mayuyo Uchino-Mori,Takayuki Iriyama,Tetsushi Tsuruga,Osamu Wada-Hiraike,Yutaka Osuga

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.017

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Gynecological Oncology Treatment: Recent Progress in Clinical Modalities)

Abstract ( 281 ) PDF (3.69 MB) ( 151 )

Open Access Special Issue

18 Sertoli-leydig cell tumors of the ovary: analysis of a single institution database

Wei Li,Shuli Yang,Li Su,Jinwei Miao,Yumei Wu,Xingzheng Zheng

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.018

(This article belongs to the Special Issue Rare Gynecological Malignancies)

Abstract ( 299 ) PDF (5.95 MB) ( 157 )

Open Access

Successful management of metastatic ovarian carcinosarcoma with olaparib plus bevacizumab: a case report

Takuya Yokoe,Masato Kita,Gen-ichiro Sumi,Hiroshi Shiraga,Hidetaka Okada

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.002

Abstract ( 667 ) PDF (1.62 MB) ( 165 )

Published Ahead of Print

Open Access

A rare case of pseudomyxoma peritonei caused by borderline mucinous tumor arising from primary mature cystic ovarian teratoma

Jung Min Ryu,Yoon Young Jeong,Youn Seok Choi,Sun-Jae Lee

Online publish date: 22 June 2022

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.022

Abstract ( 277 ) PDF (4.03 MB) ( 136 )

Open Access

Review of neoadjuvant chemotherapy characteristics in advanced epithelial ovarian cancer: experience from two cancer centers

Filipa Ferreira da Silva,Susana Baptista de Almeida,Maria de Lurdes Batarda,Sofia Braga,Henrique Nabais

Online publish date: 15 June 2022

DOI: 10.22514/ejgo.2022.021

Abstract ( 209 ) PDF (2.44 MB) ( 106 )

Special Issues

Special issue title:

Topic Collection "Current Novel Treatment of Patients with Ovarian Cancer"

Keywords: Ovarian Cancer, Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, Optimal Debulking Surgery, Chemotherapy HIPEC, Platinum-resistant Ovarian Cancer, Anti-angiogenesis, PARP Inhibitors

Editor: Samir A. Farghaly, MD, PhD,Scott M. Eisenkop, MD

Submission deadline: 31 December 2022

Special issue title:

Breast Cancer

Keywords: Breast cancer;Systemic treatment;Adjuvant setting;Metastatic setting;Genetic councelling;Triple negative breast cancer;Her2+ Breast cancer;Endocrine treatment

Editor: Michael Friedrich, MD,Nicolò Bertozzi, MD

Submission deadline: 30 April 2022

Special issue title:

Systematic Review or Meta-Analysis in Gynaecological Oncology

Keywords: Cervical cancer;Ovarian cancer;Uterine/endometrial cancer;Vulvar cancer;Vaginal cancer;Breast cancer;Gestational trophoblastic disease;Primary peritoneal cancer

Editor: Enrique Hernandez, MD

Submission deadline: 25 April 2022

Special issue title:

Prognosis and surgical treatment of Endometrial Cancers

Keywords: Endometrial Cancer; Endometrial Biopsy; Debulkyng Surgery; Fertility Preservation; High-Risk Factors

Editor: Nicolae Gica, MD, PhD

Submission deadline: 28 June 2023

Special issue title:

Prognostic Models Based on Machine Learning for Gynecological Cancers

Keywords: Bioinformatics; Machine Learning; Signature; Prognostic Models; Gynecological Cancers

Editor: Feng Jiang, MD

Submission deadline: 31 January 2023

Special issue title:

Advanced Decision Support Systems for Efficient Diagnosis of Gynaecological Cancers

Keywords: Computational and Mathematical Methods; Gynaecological Cancers; Machine Learning; Optimization Algorithms

Editor: Liaqat Ali, PhD

Submission deadline: 31 October 2022

Special issue title:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and the Risk of Endometrial Cancer

Keywords: PCOS; Endometrial Hyperplasia; Endometrial Cancer; Unopposed Estrogen Effect; Progesterone Resistance; Endometrial Mesenchymal Stroma/Stem Cells; Obesity; Insulin Resistance; Hyperandrogenism; Inflammation

Editor: Masuma Khatun, PhD

Submission deadline: 24 June 2023

Special issue title:

Biotechnologies, Imaging Modalities and Analysis Methodologies for Probing the Breast Cancer

Keywords: Breast Cancer; Imaging; Biotechnology; Data Analysis

Editor: Yu Shang, PhD,Shun Wan Chan, PhD

Submission deadline: 01 June 2023

Special issue title:

Biomarkers for Gynaecological Cancers Diagnosis and Treatment Selection from Basic Research to Practice

Keywords: Gynaecological Cancers; Biomarkers; Diagnosis; Prognosis; Targeted Therapy

Editor: Wenwen Zhang, MD, PhD,Xiaoxiang Guan, MD, PhD,Xiaowei Wei, MD, PhD

Submission deadline: 01 July 2023

Special issue title:

New Molecular Approaches for Comprehensive Management of Gynaecological Oncology

Keywords: Gynaecological Oncology

Editor: Prof. Linli Wu, PhD

Submission deadline: 31 January 2023

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Real-world bevacizumab utilization and outcomes among women with ovarian cancer in Europe and the United States. DOI: 10.31083/j.ejgo4206181

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Prof. Enrique Hernandez, MD, FACOG, FACS.

Dr. Hernandez is the J. Robert Willson Professor and Chair, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences of Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. He is also a professor in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. He specializes in comprehensive, compassionate care of women with gynecologic cancer and pre-cancerous conditions, using the most up-to-date and sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tools.